How to remove Facebook App permissions

Facebook Apps can be fun and useful to use but they have permission to access and use you information for all sorts of things.

If you’re regularly using an App that you can trust this might not be a major issue, but if you’ve been using Facebook for any length of time the chance are you’ll have Apps you no longer use. To keep your personal information safe it’s a good idea to remove permissions for any Apps you no longer use.

It’s fairly simple to remove permissions for individual Apps. Here’s what you need to do:

Log on to Facebook

Access your account settings by clicking the drop-down arrow next at the top-right of your Facebook profile.

Facebook Settings DropDown

Select Apps and Websites in the menu on the left sidebar.

Facebook Settings Apps and Websites

Review the Apps list to choose which Apps you want to keep and which you want to remove. Use the tickboxes to select the Apps you want to remove.

Click on the Remove button.

That’s it but to keep you personal data safe and secure it’s a good idea to review your App permission every so often.

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