What is the GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the European Union’s new legislation for the protection of personal data for individuals within the European Union.

The previous EU Data Protection Rules were set out in 1995 and the UK’s Data Protection Act was came into force in 1998. Both these pieces of legislation date back to a time when much of the Internet we know use everyday didn’t exist.

As a result it has become necessary to update the rules to give people more protection and rights over the control of their personal data.

The new General Data Protection Regulation comes into force on May 25th 2018.

How will GDPR affect individuals?

As an individual the GDPR gives you more control over the personal data that businesses hold about you and what they can do with it.

The GDPR will ensure the your personal data is processed fairly and for legitimate reasons. It will also ensure that your personal data is accurate, kept up-to-date and kept for no longer than necessary and that business take appropriate security measures to protect it.

What does it mean for my business?

The GDPR means that businesses of all sizes will have new responsibilities in the management and protection of personal data they hold.

If you handle personal data that belongs to customer, staff or suppliers you will be subject to the GDPR.

You need to take time to review your data processing processes assess any changes you need to make to ensure that your business will be compliant with the new rules.

How can Megabyte Technology help?

The GDPR means that you need to take steps now to make sure that your computer systems will be compliant and maintain the security of personal data you business stores.

We can give you a quick assessment of you GDPR compliance needs with regards to your IT systems and we can help you find suitable guidance on other areas of your business.

If you like to find out how your business can start to take action in a cost effective manner contact us on 01594 806444 or at info@megabytetechnology.co.uk

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